Kitchen & Bath

When people purchase a resold home one of the top two items on there “get done before I move in” list is a bathroom remodeling upgrade. (the other one is a kitchen remodel but you probably already knew that). These two areas are often at the top of the list as to why people did not purchase a home.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Benefits

Increased Value

We just alluded to this but its important enough to mention again. If you are looking to sell a home a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project will help you sell at a high price and sell faster. Both benefits will impact your wallet. However, if you don’t do the project the right way or you don’t finish it, you can actually decrease the value of your home.

Create a Unique Space

If you’re not looking to sell your home then a kitchen or bathroom remodeling upgrade can take this room from a functional space to an in-home oasis. Changes in lighting, color, layout can impact the sense of peace your kitchen or bathroom can provide.

Improved Usage

Older kitchens and bathrooms were defined by the period in which they were built. Changes in design aesthetics, fixtures types and styles, and efficiency of appliances, toilets and tubs provide options that were not available 10, 20 or fifty years ago. Your new design can improve the efficiency of the space in terms of spacing and even impact the environment through better water usage (potential reducing water usage by up to 50%).

If you plan to retire in your home now would be the time to consider a kitchen or bathroom upgrade and plan for your needs 10 to 20 years down the road. Whether you are looking to sell or planning to stay put for years to come you will benefit from upgrading your kitchen or bathroom.

At N.W. Builders, Inc. we specialize in Kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects, helping you from pre-planning, to design, and implementation to create the space you’ve always dreamed of having.

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